Extreme weather has become a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. This is, of course, despite the fact that we would have wanted no part of all the negative things that extreme weather leads. We seem to be powerless against the changes that have occurred when it comes to the weather the last few years, of which extreme weather is one of the most significant manifestations.

Since it is now a major part of our lives, there's really nothing that we can do except to learn to live and deal with it. Cases of extreme weather do not happen many times during the course of the year, giving some time to be prepared for its arrival. While there's really no way that you can prepare for it one hundred percent, it would at least be best to take some measures that would help you and your family prepare for whatever the extreme weather brings.

There is just no substitute for being properly prepared for something and it is a whole lot better when the entire family is prepared along with you. Things become a little easier and whatever situation might be taken about by the extreme weather conditions would be better deal with when every one in the family knows what to do. There's simply no substitute for being informed and prepared, and during times of extreme weather there's no doubt that's very much needed.

It should probably be a requirement for every home to have an emergency kit that contains important supplies that can be used for the tough times thought about by the weather. It should be filled with the most basic necessities that would be useful if your family is suddenly cut off from all other sources of supplies. This is especially true for places that are prone to excessive flooding. With an emergency kit, you can thrive and survive even though you've been temporarily cut off from the outside world.

One of the most important things that you should have in times of natural disasters that are thought about by extreme weather is water. Of course, this is a necessity that we all need all the time, but it becomes even more valuable during times of emergencies when you and your whole family loses access to water supplies. Store several gallons of water in bottles and other containers, it is best to store about three for each member of the family for each day.

You should also store foods that last a long time and it should also be in your list of supplies. Boxed and canned goods that would last a long time should be among your priorities, particularly those that require little to no cooking at all. You are not sure if you are going to have any means of cooking your food, so these are the types of food that you should have when extreme weather hits and you and the whole family is suddenly cached up in an emergency situation.

Source by Linda Q. Brown

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