What is Bowtrol? It's an all-natural, herbal colon cleanser that, when combined with a high fiber diet, strips away layers of fecal matter that clings to the intestines. By following the instructions, many users have seen fantastic results in as little as couple of weeks. Used in conjunction with a high fiber diet, it is possible to see significant results in as little as two weeks.

The overall results will vary from person to person. If in doubt, consult your local health store or licensed practitioner before you plan to use Bowtrol.

How does Bowtrol work? Natural ingredients are used in Bowtrol, each one having its own unique effects and health benefits. Amongst the better known herbs are olive leaf extract (relieves intestinal infection and inflammation), thyme oil (antibiotic) and slippery elm (detoxification and digestive calming). The herbs found in this home remedy colon cleanser are all-natural and non-addictive.

What about possible side effects? In the first instance, the reports of side effects associated with the use of the Bowtrol colon cleanser are relatively low. A small number of users have experienced minor abdominal swelling, increased gas and, in a few cases, irritation of the intestines leading to discomfort. If you are still experiencing any symptoms after a week, go and see a licensed natural health practitioner.

Some side-effects are well known and not necessarily specific to the use of Bowtrol. As many followers of detox plans will agree, when toxins that have been stored in your body a long time start to be expelled a number of common symptoms may appear. Amongst the more noticeable side-effects are headaches, bad skin and tiredness. Although these are common factors associated with detoxification in general, see your physician if any doubt.

In order to fully benefit from this colon cleansing product; you consult your physician before using Bowtrol, drink plenty of water during the course and maintain a healthy diet (reduce fat intake and eat more high fiber). If you fail to lower the intake of fatty foods the rate of detoxification will slow down.

Is Bowtrol for you? That is a personal choice. In its favor, this herbal colon cleanser is not addictive and contains only natural ingredients. Anyone thinking of embarking on any form of detox program that includes manufactured agents should check that the ingredients do not produce an allergic response. Negative factors noted with Bowtrol include irritation and swelling but this can be found with many other colon cleansers available on the market.

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