Danby has stood the test of time. They were founded back in 1947 and started off producing small electrical appliances. A company that is in business that long shows that they care about their customers and do things the right way. They also care about their environment, as all their products passed all the environmental safety tests, and has received recognition from the CSA, NRTL, UL, and ETL.

Danby produces numerous lines of appliances, including air conditioners, dehumidifiers, freezers, microwaves. Of course, they also manufacture wine refrigerators among others. Danby has developed a reputation for quality, and that is reflected in their wine refrigerators.

Danby has a comprehensive line of wine coolers, with capacities ranging from 6 bottles up to 146 bottles. So while you are looking for something small and affordable or large and expensive, Danby has you covered.

All of their coolers have digital controls, which makes adjusting the temperature very easy. They have built-in or freestanding coolers available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The built-in units have vents on the front, while the freestanding models have rear vents.

Most often, built-in coolers are inserted under kitchen counters because of their size. The freestanding models are generally taller and have a larger capacity. They look more like refrigerators with glass doors.

The 6-17 bottle capacity works well if you want a compact cooler. Some of the models include the DWC172, the DWC1233, and DWC620.

They are basic refrigerators. They lack the features that some of the higher end models have, but they are all energy efficient and operate quietly.

The larger capacity coolers are attractive to the serious collectors. Available are coolers that can hold 30, 54, 75, and 146.

The Danby DWC612BLP is the only wine refrigerator I have seen with a capacity of 75 bottles. It features wooden shelves that are sturdy and enhance the appearance.

The best of the best from Danby is the DWC408BLSST model that has a 146 bottle capacity and 13 shelves. It comes with dual temperature zones, and is frost-free. The shelves have stainless steel trim, and roll out smoothly so you can access your wine very easily.

The LED light will show off your wine collection and at the same time will not raise the temperature.

Danby has a wine refrigerator for just about everyone. Whether you are just starting to build a wine collection or have one established, you can get a refrigerator that suits your needs.

Source by Jay Royster

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