Milan is an important business and economic center in the European Union and the world's 26th richest city. Milan is known for its museums, cathedrals, operas, music, art and fashion. All these attractions make Milan a preferred tourist destination. Here is a short-list of places you will want to visit if you travel to Milan.

The famed Duomo or Cathedral in Milan, located near city center, is the most popular spot to visit. The interior of this breathtaking Gothic cathedral offers a lot to explore. Climb the stairs to the Duomo roof and walk around the amazing spires. View the 3200 statues including the golden Madonnina, the city's symbol, on the tallest spire. Leonardo Da Vinci's world-famous fresco, "The Last Supper", is another major attraction. Spending some minutes in the Santa Maria delle Grazie, the architectural masterpiece of the 15th century, will be a memorable experience in life.

Visiting the world-famous La Scala opera house and seeing an opera there will be quite exciting for an opera fan. La Scala established in 1778 has housed many renowned operas and great performances by masters. The historic La Scala Museum also attracts several visitors. The 15th century Castello Sforzesco is the major castle and another interesting historic site in Milan. The giant citadel that served as a home for lords contains various museums. Enjoy its collection of musical instruments, artifacts and Egyptian art.

Go high-end shopping or just window-shopping in this fashion capital of Italy that has numerous fashion outlets, boutiques, chain stores and more. The Quadrilatero d'Oro area featuring Prada, Ferragamo, Armani, Gucci, Valentino and many more is perfect for high-end shoppers. Corso Buenos Aires and Via Dante have less expensive stores. Enjoy shopping and people watching in Milan's most colorful, vibrant shopping arcade, the19th-century Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The globally known Brera Picture Gallery which displays more than 600 masterpieces ofamed artists covering 7 centuries is a real paradise for art buffs. The magnificent art museum is placed in a 13th century convent in the lovely Brera area. Relax at city's favorite parks, Parco Sempione near the castle and the Giardini Pubblici. The pretty Navigli district has two beautiful canals that offer boat tours and the place is known for its nightlife as well. Enjoy various traditional Milanese dishes from its numerous restaurants like Peck in Via Spadari.

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