The Eastern box turtle (or Terrapene Carolina Carolina), is a well known and beloved turtle from the hinged-shelled turtle family. They have a high dome shell and a hinged plastron which allows the total to close up their shell when they sink down inside. The coloration of these turtles is truly what sets them apart from other turtles. With brown, purple, white, blotches accompanied by yellow or orange patterns across their shell; another difference is that the males of this species has a red iris.

While their natural habitat comes from places such as Maine and Michigan; they have become increasingly popular as pets; thus causing them to be a frequent sight in captivity and turtle rescues.

Unlike many other turtles, the Eastern box turtle tends to be a picky eater. Making it important for you to understand their eating habits, of which can be explained in greater depth by your local rescue. Some of these turtles are found to like things such as slugs, snails, earthworms, fruit, berries, vegetables.

The European pond turtle is a well-known turtle that comes from Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. They are also known as either the European pond terrapin or Emys Orbicularis (say that name ten times fast!).

This turtle is known throughout the turtle-loving community as a beautiful, friendly pet turtle.

The European pond turtle is a fairly slow-moving water turtle that lives in and around water. They are known to hibernate for up to seven months at the bottom of the water! Making it a trick to take care of these beautiful animals; causing them to not be the right turtle for a beginner.

They are a medium sized turtle, varying from five to eight inches in length and width. Their shell is a rich brown with spots of yellow and a tinge of green. The one drawback to these turtles is that they are a host to many different parasites. This makes it extremely important to have a vet near-by who specializes in turtles.

Freshwater turtles are well known to many turtle lovers throughout the world. Unfortunately, not many people have had the pleasure of seeing these beautiful creatures for themselves; even though they are abundant through the world. With that said, they make wonderful pets. Often times beating out some of your non-aquatic turtles for spots in a home.

The freshwater turtle's population is greatest in the southeastern United States. This is one of the hot-spots where their diversity is rivaled by few other turtle species (or types). Unfortunately, despite their abundant numbers; they are threatened due to over-harvesting of their natural habitat; thus, making it important to help these beautiful turtles by preserving their habitat.

There are many different types of freshwater turtles around the world. However, there are a few that are extremely popular as pets. Some of these turtles are:

Yellowbelly Turtle
River Cooter
Florida Cooter
Chicken Turtle
Florida Softshell Turtle
Spiny Softshell Turtle
Common Snapping Turtle

The Mexican Musk Turtle (or the Staurotypus Triporcatus) is a type of turtle that comes from the Kinosternidae group. They are found primarily in places such as Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala.

These beautiful turtles are distinguished by the three keels that run up the length of their carapace. Their shell and overall body can grow to become one of the larger forms of turtles which have become pets for many.

While many people consider them to be wonderful pets, they are not recommended for homes with children. Not only do they have a tendency to carry salmonella like almost all turtles; they are prone to have aggressive dispositions as well, making them more likely to bite you during feeding time.

These animals will need expert care and should not be owned by beginners. If you choose to adopt a Mexican Musk Turtle from your local rescue; make sure to have a near-by turtle specialist available to answer any of your questions.

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