Mexico soccer history does not have the same initial launch as many other South and Central American countries like Argentina and Brazil to name a few. The total impact it had to the Mexicans started a few years before the First World Cup in 1930, just with a professional championship which was formed plus the first national selection in the Mexican Soccer history which happened in 1927.

The History of Soccer in Mexico had a poor start. The first international match was played on January 1 against Guatemala on their home ground, which was the first international match in the history of soccer for Mexico. Although the Mexican team won 3-2 over Guatemala, they thought it was a good start. Unfortunately, this thought did not take effect. Mexico had the last place in the group stage in the World Cup during 1930, the poorest World Cup in the entire Mexican soccer history.

With more investments in soccer, Mexican built several state-of-the-art stadiums which could host national soccer team's matches. This is why FIFA consider Mexico to host the 1970 World Cup. This event boosts the Mexican spirit to uplift and play well. Since then soccer became popular throughout Mexico.

Following the success of 1970 World Cup, the Mexicans are given another chance by FIFA to host again the 1986 World Cup. This time Mexican soccer culture is already well established and defined.

Since not getting international trophies, Mexico soccer is continuously rising and with great soccer players like Rafa Marquez and Luis Garcia working in the highest level, victory for the Mexicans may be realized sooner and the long wait for success may look closer than before.

Source by John Escribar

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