The ancient Toltec was a civilization that appeared around 850 CE. The Toltec were war-like people, expanded very quickly and conquered large areas that were controlled by the Maya. They started to dominate Mexico around the year 950 CE. They were masters in architecture and one of the first to use gold and copper in their works. Although they were at war most of the time they also were exceptional spiritual based people. Throughout southern of Mexico there is still believed that the Toltec were "true men and women of knowledge".

The basics of the Toltec spiritual knowledge consist of three masteries: Awareness, Transformation and Intent. They discovered that our perception of reality was purely a description, a description that could have been altered. The Toltec believed that science and spirituality were one and the same that was absolutely connected to only one force, energy. They became obsessed with this knowledge and started to develop techniques as well as using hallucinogens to change their perception. They became experts in "seeing" energy and saw that our perception is assembled at a specific point in our luminous sphere (energy body), an arm length behind us at shoulder level. Scientific proof of that was recently discovered. The Toltec "saw" that our current perception is assembled in the domain of reason. When in states of heightened awareness they see that when somebody dreams, their assemblage point also shifts. In dreaming states the assemblage point moves more towards the domain of the will. Their dreaming practices became an important factor in achieving their ultimate goal, to reach the totality of one Self. As their dreaming practices evolved they could move their assemblage point by intending it downwards to the domain of the will, not to confuse with the will of reason.

It is believed that the Toltec, at the end of their age, transmuted to return back to their purest form, energy, without losing their individual awareness. They intended themselves away, back to the source of what we really are.

Their knowledge and practices are still being used today and are available to anyone who is interested. Perhaps the most famous person who bought this knowledge in to light again is Carlos Castaneda who was an American anthropologist. He has written a collection of books about this knowledge and takes us on a journey to the realms of the unknown. He was the apprentice of an old Yaqui Indian named Don Juan Matus, a shaman warrior. Castaneda wrote in depth about his journey in a way of a diary and leaves us with practical techniques on how to achieve such states of awareness.

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