Going to Barcelona? Whatever experience you seek, you can find it in the city that never sleeps! Map out your trip beforehand to deliver a huge serving of fun and adventure, and Barcelona will reward you with its distinctive character, beauty and flair. Do not miss anything! Explore the intriguing culture and nightlife, diverse districts and population, unique mix of modern and historic architecture, and miles of beaches. Like millions of others, you'll want to return again and again!

Want to buy a souvenir and see the sights?

· Explore the Passeig de Gracia, filled with Spanish shops and many important designers. Head south and visit Placa Catalunya, a huge square and the center of the city. Investigate Barcelona's most famous street, the Rambla, which will lead you to the 197-foot-tall Columbus Monument. There, you can stand on the spot where Christoffel Columbus arrived in 1493 after his discovery of America.

· Marvel at 8.000 fish and 11 sharks at the Aquarium, one of Europe's largest.

· Shop till you drop at the nearby Maremagnum, a shopping center that is especially good for rainy days.

· Relax and enjoy Barcelona's 4 km of downtown beaches.

At this point you definitely must visit the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí:

· The Sagrada Familia: Gaudí spent ten years working on the designs for this masterpiece, his life's dream, but never saw his project finished. He died in a tragic traffic accident in 1926. To find the Sagrada Familia, which is in the heart of the city, take the Metro L2 or L5 and disembark at the Sagrada Familia station. You'll be right in front of the cathedral, and can view it from either of two parks as well. It is rented that the construction (which is still in process) will be completed by 2026, one hundred years after Gaudí's death.

· Parc Güell: Take the metro, disembark at Vallcarca, and ride the escalators up the steep hill. You'll find yourself in Parc Güell, an amazing garden created by Gaudí in the north of the city. Gaudí's intention was for the park to be a marketplace or central gathering place, and he decorated the inner and outer walls of the seating with many thousands of mosaics. Explore the Gaudí museum, in a house where the architect once lived. Unwind on the Sala Hipóstila, the huge terrace that made the park famous, and enjoy a panoramic view of all Barcelona and the sea. Before you go, do not forget to photograph the celebrated salamander that welcomes visitors at the main entrance, just at the bottom of the stairs!

Plan ahead to have the time of your life in progressive, innovative, intriguing Barcelona! A city like no other, it is loved by millions of visitors and continues to be one of Europe's most popular destinations. Whether you're seeking fun, culture, adventure, or relaxation, Barcelona can fulfill your wishes in abundance!

Source by Clara Sabell

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