Hurricane Wilma is has now broken two records, she has pushed the 2005 Tropical Hurricane over the top as the most numbered named storms in any Hurricane Season. Hurricane Wilma has also topped the lowest center pressure ever recorded making it the most powerful Hurricane ever. But do not be fooled by Hurricane Categories, if we went by strict categories, Hurricane Wilma should be a Category Six, which does not exist. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane scale stops at Category Five.

How many people died in the other recent Hurricanes this season? Well Hurricane Katrina hit the shores as a Category III, some say a Category IV at landfall and several thousand people died. But in Mexico Hurricane Stan and its remnants flooded many regions and killed more than 3,000 people this year. Meaning the total is just over 10,000 Hurricane deaths this year? So far Hurricane Wilma killed two people as a tropical depression number 24 and then another as a Tropical Storm. So in reality Hurricane Wilma is already a Killer Hurricane. How many more deaths will there be?

How many people will be killed by Super Hurricane Wilma will be determined by the level of respect for the weather and whether they take advantage of the evacuation warnings by their Governor and the President, along with the directions given by FEMA and the state’s evacuation teams. Those who chose not to leave, if there are many of them, will be killed of course and Mother Nature does not pick favorites and is merciless on those who challenge her. If I were in her path, well, I think I would get the F- out as told. You can rebuild a home or purchase more stuff, but once you are gone, all you are is a statistic to add to Hurricane Wilma’s already record-breaking thirst to be number one in all categories. Think on this, as your life could depend on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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