Kerala is a small, greenish, beautiful state located in the southwestern tip of India. Around thirty million people live in the state and the total area of ​​the state is 38, 863 sq km. The major religions in Kerala are Hinduism, Christianity and Islam where they maintain a friendly and warm relationship. The major languages ​​in Kerala are Malayalam and English. Kerala is maintaining the higher literacy rate in India of 90. 92 per cent. The same state is maintained the status as one of the major tourist destination of India.

The main attractions of Kerala are its green nature, back waters, beaches, hill stations and waterfalls. Kerala is rich with forty four rivers and heavy rain falls in monsoon season. Kerala was actually famous for its wild beauty where every in Kerala you can see thick vegetation. Later it is noted with the presence of beautiful beaches like Kovalam, Varkala, Fort Kochi, Kappad and Bekal. Kovalam is a world-famous beach resort, which has been a favorite spot for tourists since 1930s. Bekal beach is again famous by the presence of Bekal Fort near to it. Bekal beach is situated 64 km south of Mangalore. Beach at Fort Kochi is situated 12 km away from Ernakulam city.

The major attraction of Kerala is its back waters. Traveling on traditional houseboats in backwater is very interesting thing. The famous backwater destinations in Kerala are Aleppy, Kumarakom and Kollam previously known as Quilon. Kumarakom and Aleppo shares the Vembanad backwater where Kollam has Ashthamudi backwater. In Kumarakam you can find a bird's Sanctuary which includes erns, gulls, herons, lapwings, kingfishers, stilts and Brahminy Kites. Kumarakom is located 15 Km from Kottayam and about 75 Km from Cochin. Another attraction in Kerala is its hill stations. The well known hill stations in Kerala are Munnar, Nellyampathy, Mattupetty and Peruvannamuzhi. Munnar is situated at the confluence of three mountain streams, 1600 m above sea level. This hill station was the summer resort of the British government in south India at the time of British rule in India. Nellyampathy hill station at a height of 467 to 1572 m above sea level. The famous water falls in Kerala are Nyayamkad water fall, Athirappally and Thommankuthu water fall.

The best time to visit Kerala are the period from August to January. If you are interested in Monsoon tourism the best time is June and July. The summer season in Kerala is spanned between Feb to May. The weather in summer season varies between 24 – 33 Degree Celsius. The winter weather various from 22 – 30 degree Celsius. During monsoon it again various between 22 – 28 degree Celsius.

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