Planning an economic vacation this summer in Barcelona? But there is a problem, we are in crisis. Hotel rooms might be too expensive especially when its high season. There is a good alternative for those who travel in groups to rent an apartment instead of booking different rooms in expensive hotels. Now even total rental price for a nice furnished apartment might be the same or even a bit more expensive than a hotel room price per person goes down when you rent in groups. An other reason for renting an apartment is to avoid expensive restaurants and cook at home, but what kind of vacation is that if you have to cook by yourself? So here you have a list of economic restaurants in Barcelona:

If you want healthy food, in Biocenter you can enjoy organic food, natural and holistic. It also has health food publications and organic beauty products. However, on Sundays and public holidays it is not open. Located in the Ciutat Vella, near Metro Liceu.

In the same area you can find Alt Heidelberg. Among the variety of products it is famous for its elbow. Notable for its decor as the typical German beer. If you just want a snack, you can go to El Obrador, in the area of ​​Sant Andreu. The hot and cold sandwiches make up the menu of this chain. Made with Mediterranean products present a great variety for every taste possible. Furthermore, you also have salads and desserts that accompany them.

In the area of ​​Gracia, Amir de Nit recommended mus chickpea, known as Hummus. You can also order an assortment of Lebanese delicacies and have a varied dining experience. The decor is inspired by the Arab restaurants.

If you want to eat like you're in an ancient should go to Restaurant Teatreneu. Open from 19:00. The dishes are all the same price 3. 80 euros, of which you can ask for tortillas, pasta, salad, or specialty, crepes. Organize exchange of books and exhibitions in the upstairs room. Also, at night you can drink a cocktail. If you prefer to eat in the buffet, go to Fresc Co. With a modern and informal atmosphere you can taste the Mediterranean cuisine.

Kind, in Borrell, 19, offers food Galician which specialty is the hock and offers an economic menu for lunch and a menu with dishes like caldo gallego, octopus, pork, ham Islands, seafood, barbecue, steak, lamb chop and shank-specialty of the house, the nearest metro is Poble Sec. Also, since we are in Barcelona, ​​you can have a few dishes of Catalan home cooking. As recommended custard desserts with cream or cake home with wine meus Santiago loves.

In Olympic Antic visit the food market. It is located in Via Laietana, 71, very close to Plaza de Catalunya, and the nearest Metro station is Urquinaona. This is a casual restaurant. Among its varied menu out dishes like tuna salad with tomato, black olives and onions, aubergine with anchovies of L'Escala, pie chef varied tortillas, fried eggs with potatoes and chorizo; esqueixada cod; tortillas zucchini, eggplant, yams and mushrooms and spinach, grilled eggplant, grilled asparagus, golden baked or grilled meats. It also has a large hall for meals and dinners and celebrations.

Carles Grill also offers food market and specializes in grilled meat and rice. Comte d'Urgell is, 280. Nearest tube is clinical.

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