There is a wide variety of food popular in Mexico, and most regions, cities, and even towns have their own special dish. In some areas like Monterey, you will find that carne asada (Mexican grilled beef) is the traditional fare. In other areas, you will get "huaraches" (sandals), which are a long tortilla with beans inside, salsa, and a number of choice toppings. Other areas are known for their mole, their tortilla soup, and other specialties. These are traditional dishes that have been handed down from mother to child through the centuries, and because of this it is some of the most amazing food on the continent.

One of the things, I best enjoy about living in Mexico, is taking short day trips to other regions, and trying the different regional cuisine.As a matter of fact, I believe most Mexicans and Gringos share this pastime in common.

So, when you are visiting, and interested in knowing more about the food that is popular in Mexico, it's important to try different things. Its important that you try Mexican food from the different regions, its really amazing how many different combinations there are. The best place to try these delectable items, is by hitting the streets and the beaches. Look at the variety that different vendors have to offer, in their stands, pushcarts, bicycles, etc. Look out for pales of soapy water, clean plastic coverings, and more than one person available to take your money. These all indicate that the food vendor uses hygienic methods of preparation.

Some will be strange dishes, you have never seen, or even heard about, and others will be very recognizable, but will taste completely different from what you have ever had. The Mexican Indians had a culture, where chili and tortillas were already used, and when the Spanish came they accepted the new cuisine, but added their chili and tortillas, and made it amazing and delectable. Some were later invented from the contributions that the indian tribes offered, the Spanish, like for instance the famous Mole, which is made with chocolate, chilies, chicken, and many other spices. Does not sound like it would be good does it? But it actually is.

There are many palatable, interesting and delightful dishes in Mexico. You just do not always ask what's in them and you will be fine. Of course, asking what the ingredients are after you have tried it can be surprising and interesting.

Of Course, you do not want to spend money in an expensive restaurant on something that you wont eat, so eat at restaurants that are recommended by other foreigners. It's important that you have fun experiencing the flavors of Mexico. Most dishes are prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables, which are really good for you, and give you lots of vitamins and minerals you need.

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