When my daughter in-law returned to work after our first grandchild was born, I offered to watch little Abby a couple of days a week to help with the cost of daycare. Several months later it was warm weather and we were able to get outside more to enjoy the nice weather. When ever there was a breeze blowing it would have my big beautiful wind chime just a singing.

Little Abby loved it when I would take her over to that big wind chime that was hanging from the end of our front porch. She would take her little hand and hit that big round thing hanging between the long tubes and she would have it making sounds just as the wind itself was ringing its chimes. There was not a time when we would go out on to the porch that Abby would not want to play with the chime and make it sing. That was five years and three granddaughters ago. Now there is little Natalie, Abby's sister. She also has taken a liking to those wind chimes and loves to make them sing just like her sister did. Somehow though, those chimes escaped the interest of Carly, our middle granddaughter. But I guess two out of three is not bad!

On our porch we have that wonderful big chime on the east end with two little ones on either front corner. On either side of the front of the porch hang red glass hummingbird feeders. I often sit out on the porch on a beautiful warm day waiting for our dainty little hummingbirds to fly in for their feeding of sweet nectar and I have wondered more than once why that chiming never seems to scare them away or keep them from coming in to feed. They fly right past that chiming giant and hover at the feeders while those built-in straws of their heads up the nectar from the glass hummingbird feeders they visit every day. Did you know that hummingbirds will fight over the chance to sip that sweet nectar? It is indeed quite a sight. Two tiny little feathered creatures with wings flapping fifty times a second darting at one another and cursing in hummingbird language that I'm sure would have us blushing if we only understood. Those little critters do their thing at the feeders totally oblivious to all the chiming around them never ceases to amaze me.

Summer has gone now and those tiny marvels of nature have migrated to where it is warmer, but my wind chimes continue to sound out their ever familiar song with the slightest breezes not caring at all what the temperature is. I love that about them, the ones I am listening to right now. It does not matter if it is raining, snowing, freezing cold or balmy and warm outside, as long as Mother Nature sends a breeze their way, they will sing their beautiful tunes.

Source by Linda Mathers

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