Firstly, picture this: you start the planning to host your kid's birthday party at home. It is going to be a simple affair, a few balloons, streamers, and some birthday cake and lolly bags. Easy right? Then all of a sudden, your child wants to dress up and theme the house. The backyard is going to get covered in glitter and foam, 10 kids has turned into 100, 5 kids are gluten free, 3 are allergic to nuts, 20 go absolutely crazy about 25 boys are coming (and one you know of has a reputation for drawing on walls)! You do not want to disappoint little Jenny, however things are very quickly spiraling out of control …

Never fear, there is an easy solution. Here are 7 reasons why having your kids birthday party at an indoor play center is so much easier (and cheaper) than doing it at home.

1. You do not have to clean up the mess! The staff at an indoor play center will provide all the cutlery, plates, drinks and food to fulfill all your needs (and they are responsible for it at the end of the day!)

2. You are not obligated to make food or provide drinks (for the kids and adults). Let's not forget the planning involved in writing endless shopping lists, dietary considerations, the actual buying of the food, preparing and serving.

3. There is no need to invent any party games or start the kids 24/7. At an indoor play center you can have access to your own party host who will entertain the kids and the venue is chock full of things to captivate the kid's attention.

4. Everyone is contained in an indoor play center. There are specific toddler areas that are caged so you know the little ones are safe. This also means you do not have to pack everyone in to a small house. It also does not matter what the weather is like, there will be no muddy boots in the house!

5. Most indoor play centers have themed party rooms. These rooms can be where the food is served and afterwards, kids can burn off energy having fun afterwards in the play center. Themed party rooms are already decorated, so you can save time and money by not having to buy decorations and dress up your own home.

6. Adults can sit in the play center's café and enjoy a coffee, sandwich and catch up while their kids have fun. You do not even have to make the coffee or wash the dishes! Indoor Play Centers give adults permission to have fun too. You can be free of the burden of always being mum or playing host and hand it over to a team of professional staff and caterers.

7. Most indoor play centers will allow you to bring your own cake and lolly bags, even if you do not even have to do this! The café can supply cake and lolly or gift bags for the kids to take home. How cool is that?

Often kids birthday party ideas start out as simple matters and turn into huge, out of control events. Once the wheels are in motion it can be hard to stop them. The next time your child is having a birthday party, why not have it at an indoor play center. The energy it takes to buy and prep food, decorate, entertain the kids and then clean up all the mess, can be redirected and channeled into having a fun filled event at a play center where you can wipe your hands clean of almost all of the responsibility (well, except taking home your kids when it's all over!).

Source by Donna Lyon

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