Major Environmental Issues

Several major environmental issues caused by global warming keep on appearing in many discussions and opinionated discussions because of all the numerous natural disasters that keep on happening. At this time, typhoons, hurricanes, flash floods, droughts and many other natural disasters have caused severe property damage and loss of thousands of lives. And experts and scientists say that these major environmental issues are caused by no other than global climate change.

What is Global Climate Change?

Before you understand what climate change is or try to learn more of the climate change facts that you think you need to know, it's important first that you understand what the term climate means.

Climate is not the same with the term weather. Some people may interchange these two terms but they are different. Weather is what we describe the condition of the atmosphere for a certain time, moment, or day, like for example 'we have a sunny weather today'. On the other hand, the term climate is what we use to describe the particular atmospheric condition on a certain period of time like in a whole season, month, or year. In short, weather is more specific.

In different countries from the different parts of the world, there is a specific climate. Climates are affected by certain changes in the earth thought about by volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, solar radiation, etc. However, with all the human activities in the world today where carbon emissions are increasing and the ozone layer is becoming weaker when it comes to protecting our planet from the harmful rains of sun, global climate change is happening quickly.

The global climate change, in turn, has its effects to bring back to the humanity and the world. And while all those current environmental issues are occurring today, we can say the effects are not so good for us.

The Major Environmental Issues Brought About by Climate Change

What are some environmental issues that people are talking about today? The following is a list of environmental issues that people are discussing over nowdays all because of the tragic incidences occurring in the environment because of climate change.

1. Depletion of Ozone

Ozone serves as the blanket of Earth against the sun's powerful, harmful rays. However, since 1980's where industrialization started to flourish in many countries and many factories and human activities produce increasing amount of halocarbons, the ozone gas also started to deplete. Halocarbons high in the atmosphere produce the catalysts to ozone layer destruction. This is one of the highly discussed major environmental issues today.

2. Air and Water Pollution

Another one of the major environmental issues, pollution in air and water destroys our atmosphere and seas where life can be put in danger.

3. Changes in Ecosystem

Because of global warming where many areas or countries are experiencing changing climates, biodiversity also changes, if not disappoints. Insects and animals move to a higher location where the climate is cooler. Plants would also stop growing in areas not exceptionally hydrated. An evidence of this is the rainforests being gradually turned into savannahs over the years.

These are only some of the effects of climate change that have been getting a lot of attention today. There are also the topics of deforestation, soil erosion, and nuclear issues. All these issues direct towards global warming, which is indeed one of the hottest major environmental issues in the world today.

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