A survey of unusual businesses in Manhattan revealed of all things a Nude Yoga Teacher specializing in bold singles or "together" couples, she provides freedom through body awareness. Those yoga devotees who fancy practicing their craft in the buff so to speak, will be taught to meditate. They will also learn how to breathe slowly to connect and fully integrate.

Heightened awareness and a defect form of intimidation are only a few of the listed benefits. Clearly a niche market not for the shy or false hearted and one that teachers you to find your natural authentic self. A Natural way of thinking is part of the yoga philosophy. Where better could the yoga teacher find this but in a natural process of drying clothes?

Simply installing and using a clothes-drying rack achieves this. These clothes dryers are made of wipe clean materials and supplied ready with fixings to mount on the wall easily. They fully expand to carry full washing loads and allow clothes and laundry to dry naturally. When ready, at different times during the cycle, the already dry clothes can be removed and folded ready for ironing.

The clothes drying system acts as a home tidy providing a central point to hang clothes for every one in the home. The wall mounted airer blends in with its surroundings. When unloaded it folds away to sit unobtrusively on the wall until the next washday.

This fully integrated drying system works 24/7 and provides independence from the weather or the seasons. It is useful for those out at work during the day when clothes can dry naturally, and be ready to collect in the evening.

This independence is also granted to those less able to get around including older citizens or those with disabilities. Wheelchair users particularly appreciate the ease of access it gives them. Their security is not at risk, since the process takes place indoors at all times.

Source by Jean Forsyth

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