To start out with how did you discover a favorite band?

Was it through a relative, a friend or did it happen in an 'organic' way?

My 2 favorite bands and fav albums were discovered through a relative for one and a friend for the other-let me elaborate:

My eldest sister had a semi decent record collection (I'm talking vinyl here!) And as a 5 year old coming home from kindergarten to the basement where the records and the turntable were (while she was busy at school or working a part time job) I would glance at the record covers in her collection, there were quite a few of them and one in particular grabbed my attention with it's 'magical' qualities, I then proceeded (without her permission) to put that record on the turntable and give it a spin and though I did not understand it because of my young age I was completely taken aback by the magic of this music-the beauty and the strangeness of the tracks captivated me, it was indeed a 'magical' moment when I listened to "Magical Mystery Tour" by The Beatles for the first time and that's: The Musical Starting Point For Me.

At any rate some 6 years after climbing aboard that "Magical Mystery Tour" bus and while on that 'tour' I discovered another powerful musical entity that I could rock too as well; a group that delivered both long and short instrumentals, thinking man and woman's lyrics, very precis playing, and a most distinct lead vocal.

Anyway this 'discovery' was similar in it's method to my discovery of the "Tour" (as I like to call it), it came through a third party. Yes a good friend of mine Cal just got this new album for xmas and decided to share it with me that same day, so he stopped by on a cold winter day, came down to the basement and we put that piece of vinyl on that same record player that I used to play the "Tour" with for the first time some 6 years prior …

The album started out with this mysterious sound that went on for 47 seconds and then BAM the band kicks in with these syncopated patterns, the likes of which I've never heard. . .

Yes my friends it was their breakthrough album "2112" that I was experiencing and on that cold winter day I made a 'discovery': the band Rush.

Source by Robert A Nix

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