Xel-Ha (meaning 'where the water is born') is an Eco-Park located in Tulum, south of Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya. Imagine a set of inlets, lagoons and cenotes created by the longest underground river in the world, add to this amazing colorful tropical fish and stunning marine vegetation and you have Xel-Ha. Regarded as the world's most beautiful natural aquarium, a visit to this park is a must on your holidays to Mexico. Xel-Ha offers a vast array of land and water activities, ecological attractions and world-class restaurants.

The park prides itself on its dolphin program, providing them with a natural habitat which almost identical to the heads in the wild. Visitors can learn about the dolphin's lifestyle, watch them swimming underwater and play with them. Swimming with the dolphins is an experience not to be missed.

Snuba is a combination of snorkelling and scuba diving. Here at the park you can Snuba, marveling at the amazing marine life and vegetation of the Caribbean Sea. Thanks to Snuba technology you do not need previous experience to enable you to dive in the parks cenotes.

Non-swimmers can enjoy walking on the seabed among the beautiful marine life, the harmless marine rays and the dolphins that live in the inlet at Xel-Ha. By using a Sea Trek helmet non-swimmers can breathe comfortably, naturally and safely under water and enjoy a unique seabed walk.

In 2008 two species of manatees were introduced to the park. The manatee is an endangered species in the Caribbean and Mexico. Due to the care and emotion shown to the manatees by the team here at Xel-Ha a manatee has been born in captivity. Visitors can learn all about their biology, anatomy and the way they live. You can pet, feed and even swim with these docile creatures on your family holidays to Mexico.

Snorkellers from all over the world visit Xel-Ha park on their cheap holidays to Mexico for the opportunity to marvel at the huge variety of colorful fish from the Caribbean that take Shelter in the parks tranquil lagoon.

The whole family can enjoy Xel-Ha's cycle path. Enjoy the parks hilly terrain, surrounded by exotic jungle, on the parks mountain bikes which are available for adults and children. For younger visitors there is a children's playground. Here children can enjoy a wading pool, slides, rope ladders, a rope maze, swings and a wooden playhouse. Xel-Ha staff encourage the children to use their imagination with drawing and painting activities whilst parents can enjoy some peaceful relaxation in the hammock area.

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