Antalya has become one of the most popular holiday resorts of Turkey with crystal clear waters on the Mediterranean coast. Name of the city is coming from Pergamene King Attalos, who is the founder of the city. Antalya city center lies between cliffs on the south coast and Taurus mountains on the north. Antalya has an ideal climate throughout the year, however it can be very hot in Summers, especially in August.

Old city center is located within the old Roman defense walls. Roman walls surrounding the ancient Antalya harbor. Ancient harbor is one of the symbols of the city with its historic atmosphere. Full-day and half-day boat trips are available from old harbor. It is possible to have fascinating views of Duden waterfalls in boat trips. Beaches and bays of Antalya coast will also be explored with boat trips. Furthermore full-day boat trips offer many entertainments.

Kaleici (Old Castle) region between old harbor and uzun carsi street and surrounded by Roman defense walls. There exists many old homes restored as hotels and pensions. Historical atmosphere of Kaleici and old houses reflect the life style of old city. Many souvenir and antique carpet shops can be found on the narrow streets of Kaleici. Most of the historical structures of Antalya like watch tower, fluted minaret, Hadrian's gate, broken minaret are located in Kaleici.

Konyaalti beach is on the west of Antalya and very close to city center. It's mostly pebbles, rather than sand, however beach is well maintained and clean. Behind Konyaalti Beach, there are some of the best hotels of Antalya. The beach is mostly preferred by locals in Antalya. Cafes, showers, sun umbrellas, beach chairs are available for a small fee. Lara beach on the other hand, is situated on the east of city. Lara beach is long beach with fine and darkish sand. All beach services including activities are also available in Lara beach. Lower Duden Waterfalls reach to Mediterranean sea at Lara. The beach is about 10 km from city center. Dolmus (small bus) can be taken to reach Lara.

In Antalya, you should not miss to visit Antalya Archeological Museum, located in Konyaalti region. It is one of the largest archaeological collections in Turkey. There are 12 halls and many exhibitions. Other than collections, there is a cafe and a bookshop in the museum.

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