A foreigner living in Mexico either for life or temporarily is entering a new phase in his life. Mexico is an interesting tropical country with people speaking a different language and enjoying a peculiar lifestyle that is envied by outsiders. A foreigner coming from a well-developed nation who comes to live in Mexico has all the best reasons for doing so.

The plan needs thorough assessment since this is a critical decision to make particularly for someone coming from a rich and fast-paced environment.

The Mexican nation is endowed with a controversial historical past and diversified cultural background. The Mexicans enjoy a lifestyle which is quite different compared to highly modernized countries for people who are living in Mexico who are experiencing a relaxing lifestyle that has been envied by other people. They do things at their own pace and not after the ticking of the clock in each passing day.

Moreover, the complacency that the Mexicans are experiencing is a day-to-day attitude that makes their life easy-going and less stressful.

The delays in the achievement of tasks that Mexicans display is a way of life which has made their daily dealings convenient and comfortable, which is often viewed by other people as incompetence.

It is also quite ironic that some Mexicans cross the border to reach America, while some Americans go to Mexico to find their lives there.

Sometimes it quite ironic to know that some Mexicans try to make way to the border just to reach America, while some Americans prefer to go to Mexico knowing what to find in this new land. Unknowingly they find the longing of living in Mexico after enjoying the Mexican lifestyle. Indisputably, only those who have discovered this happy land will be able to fathom the joy of living in Mexico.

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